Jennifer Mlynar


Financial Planning Administrator

Jennifer MlynarMain: 201-891-1130 ext. 102
Direct: 201-485-8098

  • Handles all incoming and outgoing client correspondence connected with financial planning
  • Manages new client on-boarding
  • Assists in the analysis and creation of client WealthMatch Financial Plans
  • Assists in research on financial planning issues
  • Evaluates all financial planning software
  • Helps clients pursue fulfillment of their dreams
  • Incorporates client priorities and goals into their financial plan
  • Helps with distribution planning

Jennifer joined Taylor Financial Group in September 2019 as Financial Planning Administrator. She completed her undergraduate degree in 2018 and majored in business management with a minor in international business. She is also currently finishing up her MBA at Ramapo College. Prior to joining the Taylor Financial Group team she learned the ropes of digital marketing and product development at a small office supplies company in Fairfield, NJ. She is an animal lover and has had a variety of pets from dogs to turtles. She enjoys running and drawing/painting in her free time. Jennifer lives in Lake Hiawatha, NJ with her parents, sister, and of course her other furry siblings.


Favorite Foods: Chicken francese, green tea ice cream, popcorn, pasta, buffalo wings, dumplings, steak and crispy french fries. 


Favorite Quote: “Do not set aside your happiness. Do not wait to be happy in the future. The best time to be happy is always now.” – Roy T. Bennett


Favorite Holiday: Christmas


Favorite Movies: Freaky Friday, Burlesque


If Jennifer could meet anyone, past or present, it would be: Amelia Earhart


What Motivates Jennifer: The prospect of learning something new and helping others.