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Content Packs

You are getting married (or at least thinking about it)!  Congratulations! We are sure there are plenty of people telling you what flowers are best, which bakery to get your cake from, and where to get your dress but has any one talked to you about applying for a marriage license or how combining your finances works? There are a lot of important questions you should ask before you tie the knot, and we’re here to help you find the answers.

Whether you are purchasing your first home or deciding on where you want to spend your winter during retirement, moving is a large and stressful undertaking. There are a lot of questions to ask: should I rent or buy, how large of a down payment do I need, how much rent can I afford, how do I sell my home for as much as possible? We have collected some resources to help you answer those questions below. Happy house hunting!

You have worked for a long time, a long time, to get to this stage of life and perhaps you are not quite there yet but planning for it: Retirement. Congratulations! We are sure you have lots of plans for all the time you will now have. We don’t want your carefully laid plans to go awry, so, we have pulled together resources to help you avoid some of the traps and pitfalls of transitioning to retirement.

Are you pregnant? Maybe you have a newborn at home or you expect to have a grandchild very soon? Whatever stage of parenthood you are in, congratulations!  Below we have collected resources to help you keep your wits about you regardless of how much sleep you got last night.

Getting divorced is stressful and we want to make sure that important emotional conversations don’t crowd out necessary conversations about finance, legal, and logistical issues. We have compiled some resources to keep you on track and prepared as you navigate this transition.

Are you preparing to join the roughly 15 percent of the United States population enrolled as Medicare beneficiaries? (AARP) We have pulled together resources for you to get informed and up to date on what Medicare will do for you and the enrollment process.

Regardless of how much is in your retirement accounts, Social Security is a major part of every retirement plan. Below you will find resources that will help you apply for the program and answer a lot of questions you may have.